Yemen Media

The US has expressed concern over the United Nations’ human rights report and wants to send a strong message to the Arab Coalition that it does not want to create an “atmosphere of impunity” in Yemen that will complicate any effort to reach a comprehensive peace settlement. The US has shared intelligence which has improved coalition airstrike targeting capabilities. Despite this, recent aberrant airstrikes have generated significant backlash. Although Iran continues to deny its involvement in Yemen it is implicated in the report. Tehran supplies ballistic missiles to the Houthis who are advancing Iran’s regional agenda. The US wants to roll back Iran’s regional influence and therefore has a vested interest in continuing to support the Arab Coalition; as such, the US should let the coalition know that it must do its best to minimize civilian casualties. Many activists in Yemen have noticed that much of the UN report is more favorable to the Houthis. There are many Houthi atrocities that go unmentioned, particularly in the south of Yemen. In addition, the report ignores low-level Houthi attacks and street killings which are widespread, insidious, and have claimed hundreds, if not thousands of Yemeni lives.

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