By Norman T. Roule
A U.S. Navy soldier onboard Mark VI Patrol Boat stands guard as a tanker makes its way towards Bahrain port, during an exercise of U.S./UK Mine Countermeasures (MCMEX) taking place in Arabian Sea, Bahrain September 11, 2018. REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed. @Adobe Stock Images.

The State Department’s August 13 designation of Qassim al-Muamen as a terrorist, serves as the latest reminder that Iran’s destabilizing actions are not limited to Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Muamen is a leading member of the Tehran-backed Bahraini terrorist group known as the al-Ashtar Brigades (AAB), and his crimes are substantial. In addition to terrorist recruitment, terror financing, arms smuggling and the facilitation of weapons and explosives training, the Bahraini government claims that Muamen played a key role in the November 2017 plot to assassinate Bahraini officials and to target three key Bahrain Oil Company pipelines.

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