Ali Shihabi speaks with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about Saudi Arabia’s corruption crackdown

Ali Shihabi joins Fareed Zakaria’s GPS to discuss Saudi Arabia’s arrest of dozens of princes, current and former ministers, and prominent businessmen on charges of corruption. The crackdown, Shihabi argues, is not a consolidation of power – which already occurred with the June appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince – but a “consolidation of entitlement.” Arresting such high-profile figures, he states, shows “that if the biggest figures in the land are no longer immune (from prosecution), then nobody will be immune.” This “shock therapy” is the only way to end the system of “elite entitlement and privilege which is costing the Kingdom somewhere between 10% and 30% of its budget.” During the course of the discussion, Shihabi also discusses September’s crackdown on religious elites as an antecedent to reform and touches on recent events in Lebanon.