Last week, under the darkness of night in the far-flung villages of southwest Syria, death came knocking at the doors of their slumbering Druze community.
Iraq is again in turmoil: It remains without a government two months after national elections, and there have been widespread protests over electricity shortages and lack of public services.
At his post-summit press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday, Donald Trump praised the United States’ “successful campaign” that had “just about eradicated” Islamic State in Syria.
In the lead up to the US-Russia summit in Helsinki on Monday, there is much speculation in Washington, as well as in many Middle Eastern and European capitals, about the prospects of presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin striking a grand bargain that involves a...
On Sunday, May 6, the Lebanese people will be voting to elect a new parliament for the first time in nine years.
As President Trump inches closer to launching punitive military strikes against Syria for its suspected use of chemical weapons, there is concern that such action will again fall short of bringing about behavioral change in Damascus.
The United States and European powers have accused the Syrian regime of using chemical weapons, most likely chlorine gas, to strike at rebel positions in the town of Douma, near Damascus, on April 7.