Past Events

On October 19th, the Arabia Foundation, the International Crisis Group, and the Council on Foreign Relations, co-hosted “The Widening Gulf: Saudi-Iran Confrontation in the Trump Era.” The event, which took place at the Council on Foreign Relations’ headquarters in New York City, featured two panels and two breakout sessions.

Justin Vogt (Foreign Affairs) moderated the opening discussion, “Iran-Saudi Confrontation,” which featured Elliot Abrams (Council on Foreign Relations), Rob Malley (International Crisis Group), Frances Townsend (Former Homeland Security Advisor), and Ali Shihabi (Arabia Foundation).

While the panelists agreed that Saudi-Iran relations have deteriorated over the past five years, and may yet deteriorate further, they differed with regard to the causes of this breakdown as well as the historical, political, economic, and ideological dimensions of the ongoing clash between Riyadh and Tehran.