The same week that the United States and Iran are heading for a showdown at the United Nations General Assembly, an attack that killed twenty five, including members of Iran’s prized Revolutionary Guard, has caused tensions between the two countries to rise to new heights.
Last month, over the course of a few days in Yemen, one governor survived a roadside bomb while a second was denied entry through a checkpoint ostensibly run by his own government.
The State Department’s August 13 designation of Qassim al-Muamen as a terrorist, serves as the latest reminder that Iran’s destabilizing actions are not limited to Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
The chaos sweeping Iraq has become so deep—even by Middle East standards—that the country’s top religious leader is taking it upon himself to try to restore calm and create a political roadmap.
Seventeen years ago the US went to war on the strength of a single sentence: 60 words that were written,
Last month, protests broke out in Basra after the Iranian government cut one-third of the total electricityused by Iraq’s second-largest city.
The video, shot from a respectful distance, shows the two brothers embracing one last time, somewhere on the Yemeni side of the border.