As Iran prepares to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the question of who will succeed the ill and aging supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is resurfacing.
This week’s visit by Pope Francis to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be his first to the Arabian Peninsula and the first of its kind to the Islamic World.
On Wednesday, the Arab Coalition in Yemen announced that it had shot down a “hostile Houthi drone with Iranian specifications and characteristics” over the Saudi city of Abha.
A 9-month political deadlock over the formation of Lebanon's new government has ended, resulting in a Cabinet in which Iran-backed Hezbollah has greater influence.
In an interview conducted on the sidelines of Davos this week, Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil boasted to CNN’s Becky Anderson that, despite his country’s chronic financial and political woes, he and his fellow Lebanese politicians can teach Washington and London...
Some of my most striking memories as a teenager at school in Dammam are of conversations with teachers at the start of a term. Sitting at our desks in grade 9, we would talk excitedly about what we had done during the holidays, before the discussion turned to the empty...
As the U.S. begins to withdraw troops from Syria, some Iraqi leaders are now demanding the same for their country, even as ISIS is making a comeback.