Fox News President Trump just announced that Saudi Arabia will be the first foreign country he visits as president, underscoring both the success of Saudi outreach to the new administration, and the determination of this President to recommit to the strategic alliance...
Forbes The decision announced by the Saudi government to take its national oil company public has generated a lot of interest given the size of Aramco and the fact that it would become the largest publicly traded company on earth.
Saudi Arabia is the primary target of both ISIS and al-Qaeda. Jihadists, coveting control of the Islamic world, know that their ultimate platform is the Saudi kingdom with its holy places and its wealth. They realize they will never win any “market share” outside the...
Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman arrived in Washington this week to meet with President Trump and his team and to reset the U.S.-Saudi relationship, which hit an all-time low during the Obama administration.
When Saudi Arabia’s young and dynamic Deputy Crown Prince, son of King Salman, arrives in Washington this week, he’ll seek to both reaffirm the strong security alliance with America and to impart a powerful message of how the Kingdom is changing.
The Trump presidency was just days old when it recorded its first US combat casualty. Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens—a Navy SEAL, Illinois native, and father of four—died of wounds sustained in a firefight during a raid on an al-Qaeda compound in Yemen
Ali Shihabi 02.09.2017 | 11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. The Hudson Institute