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The Arabia Foundation is a Washington DC-based think tank focused on the geopolitics and socioeconomics of the Middle East with a particular focus on the states of the Arabian Peninsula.

Established in 2017, our core mission is to provide insights and encourage debate on the domestic and foreign politics of key regional states and non-state actors as well as their relationships with the United States. We also aim to highlight and contextualize the significant social and economic transformations that are currently taking place within many of these countries.

Our reports, analyses, commentary, and events are designed to be a resource for policy-makers, academics, think tank professionals, and media who wish to better understand the complexities of an opaque part of the world that remains critical to global stability.

The Arabia Foundation is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit entity and is privately funded by corporate and individual donations. For more information, follow us on Twitter (@ArabiaFdn) and Facebook.