· Today CNN disclosed three separate secret agreements signed by Qatar and Gulf States in 2013 and 2014. The three agreements were later authenticated by Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt.

· Qatar has argued that accepting the 13 demands put forward last month by the Saudi-led quartet is impossible however, the three disclosed agreements show that most of these demands call for policy changes Qatar already agreed to in 2013 and 2014.

· Both the three agreements and the 13 demands oblige Qatar to abide by a policy of non-interference in the affairs of neighboring countries, end backing for terrorist and opposition groups and expel their members, including the Moslem Brotherhood, and cease media incitement, specifically from Al-Jazeera, which, as the three agreements make clear, Doha has control over.

· Despite Qatar’s repeatedly committing in these three agreements to end financing for terrorist organizations, Doha paid up to $1 billion US to an Al-Qaeda affiliate and Iranian-backed militias as reported by The Financial Times in June 2017:

· The main difference between the three agreements and the 13 demands is in presentation, level of detail, and time to implementation.

· The 2014 Riyadh Agreement explicitly states that “In the event of (Qatar’s) non-compliance with these mechanisms (for implementation), the remaining states of the Gulf Cooperation Council may take appropriate measures to safeguard their security and stability.”

· The authentication of the three agreements proves that GCC countries pursued a track of quiet diplomacy for years which Qatar abused by repeatedly violating the terms of these accords.

· In this context, the publication of the 13 demands and the authentication of the three agreements has publicized the repeated offenses of the Qatar government and will now make it much more difficult for Qatar to back out of its initial commitments.

· The authentication of these three agreements proves that the Saudi-led quartet have exhausted their patience with Qatar and any attempt by the Qatar government to deny its commitments or backtrack on its repeated pledges will no longer be tolerated.