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Ellen R. Wald

Ellen R. Wald

الين والد

Non-Resident Scholar

Ellen R. Wald is a Non-Resident Scholar at the Arabia Foundation specializing in energy and geopolitics. Her forthcoming book, “Saudi, Inc.” explores the central role of Aramco in Saudi history. Dr. Wald is an energy consultant, writes weekly columns on energy and geopolitics for Forbes and and is also an adjunct professor of Middle East history and policy at Jacksonville University in Florida. Previously, Dr. Wald held academic appointments at Boston University, Cambridge University (UK) the University of Wyoming, and the University of Georgia. She received a BA in history and Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University and a PhD in history from Boston University.


Select Publications:

Saudi, Inc.: The Arabian Kingdom’s Pursuit of Profit and Power, Pegasus Books, April 2018
Investor Activism Could Bring An Oil Crisis,”, July 2017
The World’s Biggest IPO Is Coming: What You Should Know About Aramco,”, February 2017.
Saudi Arabia Inc.?” Modern Trader, April 2016
“Economic Public Policy, the Energy Crisis, and Natural Resources (2000s-Present).” in The Guide to U.S. Economic Policy, ed. Thomas Zeiler and Robert Wright (CQ Press/Sage) June 2014

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